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New Zealand Gazette Marks 175 years

The New Zealand Gazette, the longest running publication in New Zealand, marked its 175th birthday on 7 July. Following a number of gazette notices published in Russell and Paihia in 1840, the first New Zealand Government Gazette was published in Auckland by the Colonial Secretary in 1841 and is considered the forerunner of the Gazette as we know it today. The early editions included appointments and proclamations, such as the formation of the Executive and Legislative Councils.

The New Zealand Gazette has its root in The Oxford Gazette which was founded in 1665 when the King of England relocated to Oxford due to the plague in London. The Oxford Gazette was the method in which matters of state were communicated to Charles II and many Commonwealth countries still have a Gazette today. 

The New Zealand Gazette continues to be published weekly by the Department of Internal Affairs (formerly the Colonial Secretary’s Office), and covers both commercial and government notices. The Gazette, as the official journal of constitutional record, is a way of making and communicating official notifications, and notices, once published, become public record.

The Gazette underwent its most significant change in October 2014 when the printed edition was replaced by the official online version, which is freely available to the public.

New Zealand Government Gazette, 7 July 1841

What's New – Changes to the way we publish the New Zealand Gazette

The New Zealand Gazette is now publishing directly online. All notices published online from Monday 20 October 2014 will be released between 10.00am and 11.00am on the day of publication, and the online version will be the official publication and authoritative constitutional record.

Print versions of notices published prior to this date will remain the official versions.

You can view a notice and print the notice PDF at no cost. PDFs of collated editions can also be found on the home page by browsing Gazettes or searching by date in the calendar. Subscriptions to print editions are still available (go to Subscriptions for more details and costs).

There is no change to the publishing timetable, and deadlines for submissions remain.

For any questions or comments please email gazette@dia.govt.nz or use the Feedback page.

The New Zealand Gazette:

  • is the official newspaper of the Government and is an authoritative journal of constitutional record;
  • publishes notices when there is a legislative requirement to do so;
  • is produced every Thursday (except over the Christmas / New Year period) by the New Zealand Gazette Office at the Department of Internal Affairs;
  • does not publish general articles or advertisements.

The New Zealand Gazette Office also publishes:

  • Supplements to the principal edition
  • A Customs edition on Tuesdays
  • Special Editions, including the New Year and Queen’s Birthday Honours Lists
  • Professional and Trade Lists, including the Valuers, Marriage and Civil Union Celebrants Registers

Each principal edition of the New Zealand Gazette is divided into commercial and government notices, covering bankruptcies, business proceedings, land notices, parliamentary notices, and notifications from government departments and agencies.

Commercial notices include:

  • Applications for Winding Up / Liquidations
  • Appointment / Release of Administrators
  • Appointment / Release of Liquidators
  • Appointment / Release of Receivers / Managers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Cessation of Business in New Zealand
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Friendly Societies and Credit Unions
  • General Notices (including notices of entry into possession of mortgaged goods, land or property)
  • Incorporated Societies
  • Land Transfers / Joint Family Homes
  • Meetings / Last Dates for Debts & Claims
  • Other (including restoration of companies to the Companies Register)
  • Partnerships
  • Removals

Government notices include:

  • Authorities / Other Agencies of State
  • Customs
  • Departmental
  • General Section (including community trusts and boards)
  • Land Notices
  • Parliamentary
  • Regulation Summary
  • Vice Regal

This website has notices from September 1993, with full PDF versions of editions from 2000 to the present. Please note that notice data from 1993 to 1999 may not be complete or of optimum quality.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please make an enquiry in the Help section.


All subscriptions are per year and prices are inclusive of GST (effective from 1 October 2016).


Cost NZD

Main Thursday edition (GAZM) $260.00
Main Thursday edition plus supplements and special editions (GAZPLUS) $390.00

Note: No refunds are given if a subscription is cancelled before it has expired.

Professional and Trade Lists

Each individual publication is available on standing order.

Note: The List of Civil Union Celebrants is now incorporated into the List of Independent Marriage Celebrants.


Cost NZD

List of Public Valuers $4.00
List of Independent Marriage Celebrants and Civil Union Celebrants $7.00
List of Organisational Marriage Celebrants $10.00

Recommended retail prices are subject to change at no notice.

How to subscribe

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